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Some of our Favorite Freedom Friendly Alternative Technologies

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any specific tools. This is a list of Freedom Friendly tools we are aware of, it is by no means a full list. Always vet technologies and the organization that back them to determine if they are ethical and fit your needs.

Social Media(Alternative to the likes of FB, IG, twitter..etc):
 Communication-Chat(Alternative to the likes of Slack/Skype):
Instant Messaging(Alternative to the likes of Messenger/Whatsapp)

More on private social media platforms and the power of having federated and decentralized networks


decentralized and federated.

This means that anyone can create a server and content. These servers can connect to each other and share the content between them (federation). As a result there is no single owner of the network. If the server that I joined fails or I don’t like the policy on that server I can either upload my videos to another server or even start my own.
Project Management(Alternative to the likes of Trello):
Hosts- Email/Website (Alternative to the likes of godaddy/yahoo)
Content Management Systems(Alternative to the likes of Dropbox/cloud):
WebsiteBuilder(Alternative to the likes of Wix):
CRM(Alternative to the likes of constant contact/mail chimp):
Donation/Subscription Platforms(Alternative to the likes of Patreon/gofundme)
Conference/Video chat(Alternative to the likes of zoom/webex)
Places to Find/Search for Alternatives:
Additional Resources:

Free software blog:    

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