The CommunityBridge project is on OpenCollective, we make it thrive.

BBB is a Vehicle

We are using BigBlueButton (BBB), an encrypted video chat platform that is feature rich, open source-free software. BBB is an opportunity for you to learn how to drive it and use it for your own purposes, meetings and events. Many Universities and schools use BigBlueButton and it was originally built for educational purposes. Because BBB i s open source-free software, we can also have a voice to suggest features and enhancements, we can modify it to suit our needs – imagine.

BBB is a vehicle.

Do you want to learn some new skills or teach something? BigBlueButton is the perfect platform to connect with your mentors or students or friends and family. Whether you speak to mentors and students, conduct interviews, practice or seek to learn journalism skills, share video production tips and techniques – you can do it all, right here.

What can I do with this vehicle? Why am I here?

You were probably invited because someone found you to be a creative and interesting artist or someone with knowledge to share. You can use to host events, show movies, give presentations, host meetings, compose documents together, write music together or just have deep and interesting discussions. You can record your sessions, and download the video or show movies and draw things on the whiteboard as a group. If you are ready, you can stream live and share your wisdom.

Book an appointment to discuss how to use your own encrypted BBB video chat room to build your own cooperative business without investing anything but the time. The first point is to learn how to use the features of the chat room to get started on your journey – will take 10-15 minutes.