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Elders Stories

The wisdom of age and the voices of the sage.

If you are 55+, this room is availble for you to record your stories for others to learn from your wisdom and possibly connect with you if you choose. Leave your contact information in the Public chat if you want to connect with others and it will be in the recorded video, or you may record your story anonymously, or using audio only. You may use slides or images and documents to accompany your story. The FAQ will help you understand the features of the chat platform, but it should be pretty intuitive. If it is not and you would like help, facilitation, or have any questions, contact me – – I would be so happy to interview you to get your story recorded!

You will be able to PAUSE the recording and it will be saved once you click on End Meeting. It may take up to a few hours to compile the recording which will appear in a list on this page when complete. To save your recording to your computer, right click on it while viewing it.

*NOTE: This is a public room so note that other people may pop in… If you would like a more PRIVATE room to record, practice, make several recordings or experiment, contact me using the appointment link above or go to:

Lastly – Enjoy using BigBlueButton free software, fully encrypted and protecting your privacy. Let your friends and family know about it!

To gain access to the RECORD button inside of the room, JOIN by using the button below after typing a name and typing the access code: wisdom

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