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Admin Fun! Try out the BBB Features

Experience a safer way to chat, using BigBlueButton – fully encrypted and built with powerful features suited for engagement, with many of the same familiar features and some added ingredients. The best part is that our voices are heard when we have suggestions, and we can see the roadmap!

Come in and check out the Administrative features in BigBlueButton chat! Use the Admin Access Code below and when you enter the room you will see all the wonderful tools available to you as an Administrator (moderator and presenter). Click on things! Invite a few friends and explore the options.

If you would like a fun 1 on 1 tour of the features, you can schedule an appointment.

See the FAQ to quickly get started learning the features available in BigBlueButton.

Use the Admin Access Code: tools – to see the features available as a moderator and presenter.

Use the Visitor Access Code: visitor – to see what participants will see.