Film Festival – April 2021

Privacy and security online is a topic where everyone needs to be educated and updated on new techniques. To this end we are sponsoring a film festival with movies, tutorials and links to resources accompanied by discussions. Three days of webinars and workshops to help people learn how to be safe online. We are accepting suggestions for content and guests for panels that can guide us through the labyrinth of options.

There are many solutions, some better than others, but it is hard for someone without technical skills to decipher the best route, as the route is different for each person based on their needs and the use cases they encounter – Here are a few of the questions surrounding this issue:

How do I stay safe while in a conference? How do I choose software that is encrypted and keeps my information safe? What do I need to know and how can I inform others of the dangers? How do I talk to people that say they have nothing to hide therefore they need not be concerned with privacy at all?

Our festival/conference will take place in early April and will be open and free for all to attend.

What do we need from you? If you can lead a topical discussion, great! If you can be a member of a panel and have expertise in an area of online security, great! If you can do some outreach through online channels or by sending emails or posting on social media, great! If you can build online courses that people can engage in on their own time, we have an instance of Canvas we will be using for content and instructions. If you can lead a course – GREAT!!!

If you have ideas for us to consider, please send them through this form below: