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What is CommunityBridge?

CommunityBridge is a video conferencing platform that utilizes the powerful BigBlueButton (BBB) technology. As a member of CommunityBridge, you are assigned a dedicated room for video conferencing, which can be accessed through a persistent URL (link) that is easy to remember. Unlike other platforms, the URL remains consistent unless you decide to change it. The best part is that there is no need to install any software. BBB seamlessly operates within a browser on most devices, ensuring convenience and accessibility for everyone.

Micky Metts of Agaric Technology Collective
Founder, Micky of Agaric

I am thrilled to bring you CommunityBridge. This site is running an instance of BigBlueButton, an encrypted video chat platform that is feature rich, FREE and open source software. Once you create an account, you can host events, show movies, give presentations, host team meetings, compose documents together, do interviews or gather to engage in deep and meaningful discussions. You can record your sessions and share the video. You can also retain your PRIVACY on CommunityBridge. This is the destination that starts the trip.

An Exceptional Video Conferencing Platform

Rooms provide video conferencing as well as a shared notes document, a multi-user whiteboard, a public and private text chat feature, embedded video for sharing movies, screen sharing, a presentation mode, breakout rooms, polls, recording, live analytics, document sharing with download capabilities and more. The landing page to your room can be customized, with images and a description of your organization or meeting agenda. More features are continually added as Countries adopt BBB as the platform of choice for communications in Governments and Universities around the world. See the current list of FEATURES.

A Versatile Meeting Space

CommunityBridge offers a range of features to enhance your video conferencing experience. You can manage meetings with a whiteboard and upload annotated slides. The layout of speakers and presentations can be customized. Unique URLs allow you to open multiple tabs and view multiple rooms simultaneously, ideal for breakout sessions or conferences. Powered by BigBlueButton, a trusted platform in education, Your meetings and events can be recorded as video or audio in MP4 format. CommunityBridge prioritizes interactivity and inclusive discussions.

A Better Way to Chat, Share, and Document

Attendees have access to the entire text chat history including what was posted before entering. The chat also persists for every attendee regardless of whether they leave and rejoin the meeting or arrive at the meeting late. Additionally, both chat and the shared notes document can be downloaded at any time, or exported to multiple formats. 

A Better Form of Privacy

On the surface CommunityBridge is a really cool video chat platform powered by BigBlueButton. If you dig a little bit deeper, you will find that BBB is FREE (as in free speech) and Open Source software that protects the privacy of all attendees. We offer this space for people to have a safer place to meet and enjoy friendship and cooperation.

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