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BBB Technical Tips

You are helping humanity to preserve our privacy by using Free Software such as BigBlueButton. We must do what we can to avoid supporting Corporations that do not value or even acknowledge our humanity. You are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting others when you use Free Software.

Together we stay safe. When we own our tools we are safer. – protects your privacy.

CommunityBridge is a site for events and meetings, integrated with WordPress. Agaric is also hosting BigBlueButton video chat server integrated with Canvas LMS. Each course has a designated conference room. When in a course, a teacher can click on the Conference link to create a video chat Conference.  Teachers can START the Conference and choose to invite all course members to the conference and everyone enrolled will get an invite. The invite will appear on the top of the screen within the course. Students will NOT have access to a conference unless they are invited by a teacher and the teacher has STARTED the conference.

Here are some short videos that give a really good overview of how to use the tools available in BigBlueButton. 

Feature overview for moderators, presenters and viewers:

Overview for Moderators:

Overview for Viewers:

BigBlueButton Documentation

These links will take you to the BigBlueButton support website provided by BlindsideNetworks.




More Tips:

Everyone can set their own status and raise their hand by clicking on their own name in the list of people on the left and selecting “Set Status”.

Everyone can see in the list of people, participants that have set their own status to happy or confused or if have a hand raised etc.

Everyone should be able to resize the presentation or a webcam independently by dragging it larger or smaller.

You can hide the presentation from everyone:

  • Upload a new presentation
  • edit the presentation by choosing upload again and remove the green check mark for the active one. presentation checkmark

Recording a Conference:

When you start a Conference, you can start recording and it will continue until everyone leaves the room, or you pause it. There is no Stop button yet the recording will be saved and will appear in the “Concluded Conferences list” when you click on the past Conference title.

Ending a Conference vs Logout or Leave Room::

When you exit the room and click on “End Conference” instead of “Logout”, the recording will be paused until you enter the room again. The first recording will be saved and a new recording will start.

When you exit the room and click on “Logout” instead of “End Conference”, all of your notes will remain in the Shared Notes tab and Public Messages will remain visible to people that enter the room.

Get involved with the development of BigBlueButton – ask for new features and report any issues you may find.


  1. Integrated Whiteboard allows multiple people drawing and writing
  2. Shared Live Notes/Etherpad  for interactive editing
  3. Public Chat messages posted before you entered are available upon entry, unless an admin has cleared the pad
  4. Shared Live Notes/Etherpad and Public Chat messages will persist if you reload the browser
  5. Shared Live Notes/Etherpad  and Public Chat messages will persist if you choose “logout” and the room will be cleared if you “End meeting”
  6. BBB allows multiple rooms open in multiple tabs
  7. Breakout Rooms are easier to manage and assign rooms by dragging names
  8. Multiple options for Status: ‘Away’, ‘Hand Raised’, ‘Confused’, ‘Happy’, .etc
  9. Easily share the Presenter and Moderator roles with multiple people, to share Moderator and Presenter roles
  10. Nothing to download or install, works on your phone or in a browser – no APP
  11. Allows you to preview your webcam before going live (fix your hair etc.)
  12. Settings for notifications when someone enters the room
  13. Change the overall font size and choose the language for the interface
  14. Easily scroll back through messages in Public Chat tab
  15. Text chat, Shared Notes, Whiteboard available all in one window
  16. Integrated Live Polls with Interactive Polling options for voting
  17. Download Shared Notes and the Public Chat or export the HTML
  18. Bandwidth optimization settings to turn off all cameras
  19. Move the webcam images to the sides or bottom of the presentation area
  20. Pan and zoom into documents while using the highlighter to focus or draw on your presentation or image
  21. File Sharing and Desktop sharing options
  22. FREEDOM – BigBlueButton is Free and Open Source software