Live interpretation using BigBlueButton allows multiple interpreters to interpret in multiple languages. See the FAQ

Encrypted Video Chatrooms, Share Movies and Discussions… You can make it happen.

We are running the latest version of BigBlueButton V2.3

By using free and open source software, you are supporting your community and sharing in the ownership of the tools. You can get involved on the BigBlueButton Issue Queue by requesting features or reporting errors.

Do your friends ask you to fill out a Google form to get a Zoom link to talk to them???... What is wrong with that? 
Jitsi is another Free Software video chat. MayFirst is an ethical web host that offers Jitsi on their server. No Sign Up.

A few reasons that show why we LOVE BigBlueButton:

BBB is similar to Zoom, and it is encrypted. There are many better features provided in BBB, and it protects our privacy. A few examples of things BBB has over Zoom — like Shared Live Notes … These examples are based on using Zoom in a browser and opting NOT to download and install the Zoom client APP.

  1. Integrated Whiteboard allows multiple people drawing and writing
  2. Shared Live Notes/Etherpad  for interactive editing
  3. Public Chat messages posted before you entered are available upon entry unless an Admin has cleared the pad
  4. Shared Live Notes/Etherpad and Public Chat messages will persist if you reload the browser
  5. Shared Live Notes/Etherpad  and Public Chat messages will persist if you choose “logout” and the room will be cleared if you “End meeting”
  6. BBB allows multiple rooms open in multiple tabs
  7. Breakout Rooms are easier to manage and assign rooms by dragging names
  8. Multiple options for Status: ‘Away’, ‘Hand Raised’, ‘Confused’, ‘Happy’, .etc
  9. Easily share the Admin, Presenter, and Moderator roles with multiple people you trust
  10. Nothing to download or install BBB works on your phone or in a browser – no APP
  11. Allows you to preview your webcam before going live (fix your hair etc.)
  12. Settings for notifications when someone enters the room
  13. Change the overall font size and choose the language for the interface
  14. Easily scroll back through messages in the Public Chat tab
  15. Text chat, Shared Notes, Whiteboard available all in one window
  16. Integrated Live Polls with Interactive Polling options for voting
  17. Download Shared Notes and the Public Chat or export the HTML
  18. Bandwidth optimization settings to turn off all cameras
  19. Move the webcam images to the sides or bottom of the presentation area
  20. Pan and zoom into documents while using the highlighter to focus or draw on your presentation or image
  21. File Sharing and Desktop sharing options
  22. FREEDOM – BigBlueButton is Free and Open Source software

When using and paying for the MASTERS tools, we are suppressing our own voices and giving them great insight to our goals and desires which gives them every opportunity to thwart our movements and succeed. Choose FREEDOM .

We can not sustain a MOVEMENT for JUSTICE using unjust TOOLS. Get off of the PLANTATION with us .

The video chat is Free Software, hosted on fast dedicated private servers, not connected to the Googlesphere. We can host thousands of chatters and chatrooms. How does this chat compare with Zoom? What is different? FreeScholar