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TUESDAYS – Movie Shorts – 12pm – 12am ET

Privacy Workshops

Wednesday 9/22 at 3-5pm ET 

Browser Isolation – using 3 or more browsers. Why do we need this?

Browsers “calling home” and other places without your consent.

Browser Fingerprinting is used to identify you – to see your fingerprint.

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We are growing and we need some input. Help us choose the best times for workshops and events.

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When do we want to have fun?

By using free and open source software, you are supporting your community and sharing in the ownership of the tools. You can get involved on the BigBlueButton Issue Queue by requesting features or reporting errors.

Does anyone say “I hate broccoli, but I eat lots of it everyday”? When using Corporate tools, we are suppressing our own voices and giving them great insight to our goals and desires which gives them every opportunity to thwart our movements and succeed in controlling our choices and decisions. Choose FREEDOM while you can.

We can not sustain a MOVEMENT for JUSTICE using unjust TOOLS. Get off of the PLANTATION with us .

The BBB video chat is Free Software, hosted on fast dedicated private servers, not connected to the Googlesphere. We can host thousands of chatters and chatrooms. How does this chat compare with Zoom? What is different?

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