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I got burned out on fantastic webinars where people could not connect with others and could only listen. This is a lost opportunity to bond with people. What is Community here on the Bridge? It is a safer place to meet fellow cooperators that are doing meaningful work that they love. A place to learn how worker-owned cooperatives operate by meeting the people working in them.

Imagine a world where you can meet and connect with others in a less formal environment. CommunityBridge is here to provide you with a virtual space where you can forge new friendships, collaborate, and make positive change happen.

Here is the best part: you have the power to contribute to our mission and help us expand our efforts. By contributing, you will secure the future of this siteā€”one video chat at a time. So, join us on this epic adventure, powered by OpenCollective, and let us bring more joy, laughter, and connections to the world. Together, we can create a community that is not only super cool but also super caring.