The CommunityBridge project is on OpenCollective, we make it thrive.


What is Community here? This site is a place where everyone cares for everyone and everyone gives when they can and anyone takes when in need.

By using free and open source software, you are supporting your community and sharing in the ownership of transferable tools. You can get involved on the BigBlueButton Issue Queue to request features or report errors. We should all get to know who is providing us with a product or service as well as who is building the software we use.

When using Corporate tools, we are suppressing our own voices and giving data collectors great insight to our goals and desires. This knowledge gives companies every opportunity to succeed in controlling our choices and decisions. The news is out now that Big Tech and others have been performing psychological experiments on us – PSYOPS to change our behavior.

Choose FREEDOM while you still can.

If you would like to contribute to our success and help expand our efforts to enable those who cannot contribute at this time, you can make a donation. We are using OpenCollective.

Micky of Agaric Technology Collective, Founder of speaking about Cooperatives and Free Software