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The Mission

Introducing CommunityBridge: Privacy-First Video Chats and cooperation.

At CommunityBridge, we give priority to your privacy. Personal information is not required; your data remains confidential, because we do not request any personal data. Experience a surveillance-free environment. One objective is creating a private, supportive space for learners and change-makers. Your data stays protected, because we do not collect it.

We intend to grow as an incubator-type of catalyst that prepares people to successfully join or build a worker-owned cooperative. This will be achieved by hosting events, introducing people with similar interests or projects, connecting networks and organizations, collaboratively building a resource library of links to colleagues and organizations and creating workshops on topics of members interest, all while welcoming collaboration. CommunityBridge is designed for education and activism.

Support CommunityBridge? Make a donation if possible. Your contribution, whether one-time or monthly, supports server hosting, event planning, technical support, platform maintenance, and you help to keep our website free for those that cannot pay at this time. If you wish to contribute, you have the option to set up a monthly donation.

We appreciate your involvement in the CommunityBridge experiment. Together, we can nurture a secure and empowering environment for all to connect, learn, and effect change.

What’s in the Box?