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Subscribe to to offset the hosting costs of this BigBlueButton video chat server. The server costs me $325 USD per month. We have over 95 groups and individuals using our server now. If 32 people subscribe at $10 per month, or if 64 people subscribe for $5 per month, my CommunityBridge server monthly hosting fees will be pretty much fully paid. Then the fun begins… When more people subscribe, members will be invited to vote on how to allocate some of the contributions collected beyond server and operational costs.

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Through Open Collective, your subscription payment plan is transparent and anyone can see the amount received each month, in total. You can remain anonymous as a donor by subscribing with an email address that is private – there are many free email services that protect your identity. CommunityBridge will never reveal any personal info. Reach out to us if you have questions or suggestions. Subscription Membership includes an account on CommunityBridge and access to create multiple chatrooms. If you do not need a chatroom, please consider subscribing with a small amount to help others that cannot pay at this time. You may cancel your subscription payments at anytime.