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News at 11

Good News!

Do you have news to share that might bring clarity to some solutions needed to retain our privacy? Here is the place to share! Currently there is no real outlet for local news to reach outside of your area. Some of this news could be useful for others to know – the solution to an issue is not always local!

Share Your LOCAL NEWS at 11pm ET – Daily

This is an effort to connect people and discover solutions to incidents and situations that can be life changing. Supporting individuals through rough circumstances is possible. This idea came from Mutual Aid groups that have formed to connect neighbors. We can change the focus from passively viewing someone else’s tragedy while feeling hopeless and helpless, to connecting people and resources.

THE CHALLENGE: Build a network of people that are solution orientated.

A SOLUTION: Raise awareness of resources like: Citizen Command Center, an online, public tool serving both survivors of personal tragedy (fire, flood, poverty, etc) as well as groups of people affected by, or responding to disasters. The tool aims to serve case managers in helping their clients find resources, and it aims to help people working and surviving IN a disaster zone.

*The access code is: share