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The Movie: Social Dilemma

The Discussion:

If have not yet watched the movie with us, here is the link:

Discussion Points:

Q. Did you learn anything new from watching “The Social Dilemma”?

A. 67% learned something new

What techniques for manipulating users are shown in the movie?

  • periodic distractions
  • overflowing users with stimuli
  • gamification
  • tagging personal pictures
  • experiments on people
  • hacking pyschology
  • forming habits
  • illusion of control (and inverting it)
  • distorted sense of time
  • teaching counterproductive skills
  • grooming
  • imposing empty goals and fake truths, unrealistic perfection
  • intermediating personal communications
  • using peer pressure
  • continual judgement by others
  • circumventig regulations
  • disconnecting users from real world
  • overwhelming computing power
  • opinionated algorithms that reinforce actions
  • personal information bubbles
  • lack of critical perception
  • conspiracy theories
  • creating myths and blurring reality
  • centralizing/monopolizing influence
  • radicalizing people and nations
  • inflaming cultural wars
  • taking agency away from people, “willful ignorance”
  • massive dependency on services, “too big to fail”
  • financial interests govern society, new grand corruption

How much are we influenced by these techniques? (a few online polls)

  1. Do you think that “The Social Dilemma” movie uses these techniques?
  2. What countermeasures can we take?
  3. As an organization, how can we guard our business without blocking communications?
  4. What role can secure messengers and federated services play in replacing centralized social networks?
  5. Are federated services viable?

Links to resources for staying safe online… 

Robert Braxman – Rob Braxman’s Youtube Channel