The CommunityBridge project is on OpenCollective, we make it thrive.

The Mission

This is the destination where we conspire to inspire each other. Doing good things with good people, building communities, talking about our beautiful future and making it happen. I purchased the domain name in 1996, not knowing it would become a cooperative community experience in the future. The future is here, now. Privacy is the key to identity formation and security and that is why I started doing this.

The first mission is to cover the hosting costs of our BigBlueButton video chat server which costs me $325 USD per month. There are a few more small associated costs like website translation for 5 languages and a few WordPress plugins. I will list these tools and services on our Open Collective.

We have over 100 groups and individuals using our server now. If 32 people contribute $10 per month, or if 64 people contribute $5 per month, our CommunityBridge server monthly hosting fees will be fully paid.

Then, the fun begins…

When our operational expenses are covered, all members could vote on how to allocate the excess funds collected beyond the server and operational costs. We can do some amazing things together. Through Open Collective, all contributions and expenses will be transparent and anyone can see the amount received each month. You can also remain anonymous as a donor. CommunityBridge will never reveal any personal info.

You can help our efforts by making a one time donation using the form below or you can become a supporting member of CommunityBridge by setting up a monthly donation.

CommunityBridge will always offer free use and access to those that cannot afford to contribute monetarily. Perhaps you have a skill that can help the community?