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ComunityBridge is running BigBlueButton Free Software.

ComunityBridge FAQ

BigBlueButton is a Free and Open Source video chat platform. As a chat server, it integrates with other platforms like WordPress and Canvas LMS as well as other software. It is also transferable technology which means you can freely share it and use it as a vehicle. When you teach someone how to use BBB, you are helping them to protect their privacy and they can teach others without an investment.
Yes, BigBlueButton is encrypted and protects your privacy.

When the BigBlueButton client loads, it makes data connections back to the BigBlueButton server using a web socket connection encrypted HTTPS.

When BigBlueButton shares your audio, video, or screen, the browser uses the built-in web real-time communication (WebRTC) libraries that transmit real-time protocol packets (RTP) over user datagram protocol (UDP) via Datagram Transport Layer Security (see DTLS). Furthermore, to provide communications privacy for datagram protocols the media packets are encrypted using the Secure Real-Time Protocol. If you think you have found a security issue with BigBlueButton, we ask that you do a responsible disclosure and e-mail the BBB developers directly at: security .at. bigbluebutton .dot. org

They will respond to you quickly, work with you to examine the scope of the issue, and give priority to fixing it as soon as possible.

You can use the breakout rooms for live Interpretation.

Using simultaneous interpretation across four languages. Interpreters will need headphones.

1. Open/enter a main ‘live room’ as the Admin and create three breakout rooms, one for each of the other three languages.
2. Each interpreter will need to have two browser tabs open - one in the live main room and one in the relevant interpretation breakout room.
3. Turn your microphone OFF in the main room and turn the headphones ON in the main room (source-language room)
4. Turn the microphone ON in the breakout room where participants will hear the interpretation.

* You will not be able to hear the participants in the breakout room, but they can communicate by typing in the Public Chat or Shared Notes tabs. Participants in the breakout rooms can also post Public Chat messages to the main room to ask questions or make comments.

Yes, there is an integrated Whiteboard that allows multiple people to draw and write. This is helpful for Math equations, drawing charts and diagrams as well as fun collaborative art!
Yes, all participants can write notes together. There is a Shared Live Notes/Etherpad for interactive editing. The Shared Notes tab is located to the left of the presentation window.
Yes, the code is freely available on GitHub in the BigBlueButton Project. There are also hosting options, just search for BigBlueButton hosting. We have a great relationship and host with an awesome company called DistanceLearning in Maine, USA
Yes, Shared Notes and Public Chat messages that were posted before you entered the chatroom are available upon entry, u*nless an admin has cleared the pad.
Yes, if you are an Admin or have the Presenter role, you can share and play a video that is hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch and Instructure media and other sources. You can also share a media file with the URL like this - You can share media from your device's hard drive using the share screen button below the presentation window.. More sources are being added to the BBB software as development on BigBlueButton continues. Remember, you can have a voice in new features that are added to BBB. Join the BigBlueButton issue queue and add your voice.
Just reload your browser. The Shared Live Notes/Etherpad and Public Chat messages will persist if you reload the browser.
Yes, BigBlueButton has integrated Live Polls with Interactive Polling options for voting. If you are the Presenter, you can chose from a list of pre-configured Poll options, or you can create a custom Poll. Click on the plus sign in the blue circle below the presentation window.
Only Moderators and Presenters will see the "End Meeting" option. if you are a Moderator or Presenter and you are the last person in the room, and you choose “Leave Meeting”, uploaded Presentations, Shared Live Notes/Etherpad as well as Public Chat messages will persist for a few minutes. The room will be cleared of users and all content if you choose “End Meeting”.
Yes, BBB allows multiple rooms open in multiple tabs. This is how the BreakOut rooms work also. Each BreakOut room you are in will be opened in a new browser tab.
Yes, and if you are the Moderator, you will find the Status selection when you click on any name in the viewer list. To display your status to others in the room, click on your own name in the user list on the far left. There are multiple options for Status: ‘Away’, ‘Hand Raised’, ‘Confused’, ‘Happy’, .etc
Yes, You can easily share the Presenter and Moderator roles with multiple people.

To share Moderator and Presenter roles, give people the room admin access code and they will enter as a Moderator with the option to "Take Presenter" role, or, if you are an Admin, click on a name in the list of users on the left and select 'Make Presenter', or 'Make Moderator'.
To take the role of Presenter, click on the plus sign in the blue circle below the presentation window and select "Take Presenter". Click the plus sign again to see the actions you can now perform - Create A Poll, Share A Video etc.

No, BigBlueButton is Free Software that runs on a server and works in a browser on a computer or a phone. You will have to find a hosted instance of BBB if you want to run your own site like CommunityBridge and offer the service to others.
To enter a room on the CommunityBridge server, all you need is the link to the room and the access code, then you can enter and start chatting.
There is nothing to download or install. BBB works on your phone or in a browser – there is no APP. If you are a developer, you can download the BBB source code from GitHub and install an instance on your own webserver, but you do not need to do this to visit a chatroom on CommunityBridge. BigBlueButton Project
Yes, you can download the code from GitHub and install an instance on your own webserver. You can give the URL to your server to people to log in and chat - they will not need to download or install anything. It will work on any computer and phone in a browser. BigBlueButton Project
Yes, There are settings for notifications and alerts when someone enters the room, or when someone posts in the Public Chat messages. You will also see their name show up on the left in the list of viewers. Use the three dots on the top right to select "Settings", once in the settings, select "Notifications" and set the ones you like.
You will see the name of the person talking appear at the top left over the presentation window. If you are a Moderator, you can click on a name to mute the person.
Yes, you can change the overall font size for the interface in the "Settings" which is located on the top right of the presentation window, shown as three dots.
Yes, you can change the language for the interface in the "Settings" which is located on the top right of the presentation window, shown as three dots.
Yes, you can save and export in multiple formats on the Shared Notes and the Public Chat. You can even export the text to HTML format to use on your website. Options to export, save or clear are located at the top right of the Public Chat shown as three dots, or as opposing arrows on the Shared Notes tab.
FREEDOM – BigBlueButton is Free and Open Source software. It protects your privacy.
Yes, you can create BreakOut Rooms by clicking on the little 'gear' above the list of usernames on the far left. You can assign people to rooms by dragging their names, assign people to random rooms or let people choose a room.
The first person to enter a BreakOut room has the Admin privileges and they may share the role with others by clicking on the person's name in the list of viewers on the far left.
If you are logged in as a Moderator, you can allow viewers to use the Whiteboard together, select the icon on the Whiteboard toolbar located on the far right of the presentation area. Choose the icon that is under the trash can - When you do this, other viewers will see the whiteboard toolbar appear on the right side of the presentation window.
Yes, if the room admin Admin has enabled the 'Record' option, you will see a button at the top of the presentation window to start recording. You can start recording and it will continue until everyone leaves the room, or until you pause it. ***There is no Stop button, just pause. The recordings will be saved and will appear in a list of Presentations on the entry page of the chatroom. The text in the Public Chat will be displayed as part of the recorded presentation and the Shared Live Notes will also be displayed in the video as a tab so you can toggle between Shared Live Notes and the Public Chat.
The recordings will be saved on the server and will appear in a list of Presentations on the entry page of the chatroom they were recorded in.
People with video cameras turned on will be in the recording and any text in the Public Chat will be shown as part of the recorded presentation. Closed Captions will be displayed in the recording also. The text in the Public Chat will be displayed as part of the recorded presentation and the Shared Live Notes will also be displayed in the video as a tab so you can toggle between Shared Live Notes and the Public Chat.
Yes, you will find Closed Captions by clicking on the little gear above the viewer list on the left. Closed Captions can also be translated into several languages by using the inteface to choose the output language. Translated text will appear in another tab or an EtherPad on the left, above the viewer list.
Yes, if the room Admin has set the room to have the 'Wait for Moderator' option, you can access this feature by clicking on the little gear above the viewer list on the left.
Yes, you can go to the presentation link found on the room entry page and start viewing. Right click on the video to choose the download options.
You can go to the BigBlueButton issue queue and request a feature you would like to see. Be aware of the issue queue ettiquite and be sure to thoroughly search to make sure your suggestion has not already been posted! Also - be sure to add a thumps up on existing requests people have made, if you like them! This helps developers know what people want most. It does not guarantee it will be built. BigBlueButton Issue Queue
Yes, you can click on the plus sign in the blue circle on the lower left of the presentation window to access the Manage Presentation feature. You can upload multiple presentations and the active one will have a green checkmark next to the filename in the list. You can upload documents, slides, images and .PDF files.
Navigate to the room where the recording was made and choose the one you wish to save. Play the recording and right click on it while it is playing. Choose to download and save to your hard drive.

CommunityBridge hosts a different BBB server that includes LiveStreaming to YouTube, FaceBook and a few other sites using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

Contact me if you are interested in this feature. micky at

Yes. You can use the Manage Presentations feature to upload images and documents from your device. You can also use the screenshare feature to share photos. Open a folder on your hard drive where your images are located and select one to view in whatever image viewer that you normally use. Navigate back to the chatroom and choose "share screen" below the presentation window (you will need Admin privileges, or an Admin can give you privileges to share your screen) Then, select "Window" to share. Share the image viewer. You will now see that picture inside the chat room. Use your image viewer to cycle through or select images to share in the chatroom.
Yes, but you may need to add an extension to your browser that will allow you to play a local video in a browser tab and then you can share that browser tab with participants in the room. Without this extension, some devices may not play the audio and will only show the video. You can download the browser extension.
When you select the camera below the presentation window, you will see the image options to add a background that will appear behind you, You can change the background by selecting the camera again and choosing a different image. After your selection you will have the option to "Stop Sharing" by clicking the button, or to set the new background by closing the window using the SAVE button or the X symbol.
Think of CommunityBridge as a toolkit with one of the tools being the BigBlueButton Server, just like a lawnmower is a tool. Imagine your friend has a lawnmower and they tell you that you can use it anytime you want to. Now you can offer to cut the neighbors lawns and charge the neighbors whatever fee that you want, and you keep $$$. Make some rooms and offer to facilitate meetings for Organizations and people you know. Once you decide that you want to continue to grow and become a viable business, look into joining The Meeting Cooperative.
BigBlueButton developers have an issue queue where you can suggest new features and keep up to date on what is being worked on for the future.
BigBlueButton developers have an issue queue where you can report any bugs or issues you may find and keep up to date on what is being worked on for the future.