Community Jobs

  1. Issue Queue Poster – $100 USD – each issue
  2. Movie Night Prep – $50 USD – each movie

1. Issue Queue Posting details:

BigBlueButton is free and open source software with an issue queue where people post bugs they find and feature requests for the developers to include in a future release. The IQ Poster will write and submit issues for feature requests and will be paid for curating the process until the feature is added. This can take time and patience.

The Issue Queue Poster will:

  1. Write and post the issue in the BigBlueButton issue queue
  2. Follow the progress of the feature request
  3. Move the process along by responding on the issue queue
  4. Alert us when the issue is closed.

2. Movie Night Prep details:

Movie Nights are posted on CommunityBridge and an invitation is sent to the mailing list as well as posted on some social media.

The Movie Night Prepper will:

Post the movie description/details on ComunityBridge Movie Nights page in format similar to

  1. Title
  2. Length
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Location (room link)
  6. Short Description ( a paragraph overview)
  7. List of discussion points
  8. Send email to Movie Nights mailing list with invitation (template provided)
  9. Save shared notes and create page on CommunityBridge to display (template provided)
  10. Post upcoming Movie Nights on social media