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Suggested Movies

Movie Title:HyperNormalization – 3 part series (3 hour long documentary)
Link to Movie:
Movie Description:“HyperNormalisation” spends nearly three hours telling us how we got to such a troubling moment in world history. From Donald Trump’s emergence as a celebrity business tycoon (despite his inability to keep his casinos afloat) to the Reagan Administration’s invention of Muammar Qaddafi as a global supervillain in order to avoid confrontation with a newly radicalized Syria, the film finds moment after moment where lies have become codified and accepted, where Western leaders have refused hard choices, ceded authority to global finance, and built simplistic, patently false narratives to steer the public away from the uncertainty and ambivalence of our times. That most of us have accepted these tall tales has had, according to Curtis, unintended and often terrifying consequences.
Discussion Points:– Key points of the simplistic narrative, where we find it, what we might be able to uncover as embedded in our own worldview, and how to transform those simplistic, destructive narratives in a way that unites and provides hope, rather than terrifies and divides.