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Upcoming Privacy Workshops

Suggestions for future Privacy Workshops.

  • Why we should care about privacy
  • De-Googled devices
    • How to De-google your own, comparison/reviews & where to buy one
  • Turning your machine into a freedom friendly box
    • Installing and getting started with Linux or…
  • Proxies/VPNs/Tor:
    • overview, comparisons, help with setup/configuration
  • IM (Signal/Telegram) – what, why and how
  • Encrypting your private email
  • Securely Disposing of your data
  • PWA container for sites: Webapps app on F-Droid
  • Social Media (mastodon, etc.)
  • Video hosting (odysee, invidious, lbry, etc.)
  • Internet of Things (surveillance in your home)
  • Data Privacy in Healthcare Industry(GDPR, HR, etc)

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