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Instruction for Installing ONE of the Freedom Friendly Operating System(Ubuntu)

Note: There are many flavors of Linux we have chosen one that we like(see future blogs on how to customize the OS to your liking and disable any unwanted services)

To install Ubuntu (Latest Stable Version) – the GNU/Linux operating system on an older

laptop, download the .iso file and save to a USB stick (3GB ).

You will be amazed at how fast your old machine will run.

Go to this page:

The first link on the page is for the Desktop image. To the right is a

link to the .iso file

To install, Turn off the laptop and insert the USB stick and boot the

laptop from the USB stick.

This is different on each brand of laptop, like Dell might be a little

different than HP etc.

To get instructions on how to boot from the USB stick, it is best to use

another computer or your phone to search the Internet using duckduckgo or brave for:

boot from USB (brand name of laptop and model number/name) **without the parentheses.

The typical process is:

1. Plug in the USB stick that has the GNU/Linux .iso file on it

2. Turn on laptop

3. Watch closely for a small message the bottom left of screen that

flashes pretty fast and says something like: To enter setup click the

Enter key (or F12 key) On most laptops it is the Enter key

    * This message comes and goes really quickly and you may miss it the

first few times.

4. If needed Repeat steps 2-3, because the message probably went by too fast *lol

5. When you get to the boot screen it should be intuitive. Using your

keyboard, select the USB stick from the list and hit ‘save/enter/ok’ 

Note: you may have to select the iso file to start installation

6. Computer should Restart and you see a screen that says Try

or Install Ubuntu (latest stable version)

7. Select “Install” – only if you have backed up any files or data on

the laptop that you wish to save or use in the new GNU/Llinux operating


    *Select “Try Ubuntu” if you want to just see what it is like without

making any changes to your computer.

8. Pass these instructions on to a friend.

Trouble shooting

If you get a boot error (wont boot from USB) you may have to burn the USB with the iso file using

select the ubuntu file you downloaded and start the process to turn the USB into a bootable device

Extra info: When going through the install, choose to encrypt the hard

drive – it is similar to having a Primary login to get to the desktop login.

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